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Cloudword Instructions & Premium Build

How to update the Cloudword Build (Must Have Firmware 2.0.1 or Higher):

  1. On the home screen Go to ArnuBox or Armada Settings
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Select Factory Reset - All data will be lost
  4. Click yes / the box will reboot.
  5. After it reboots go to Addons / cloudword
  6. Click Enter Cloudword
  7. Type in the Cloudword freetvkingcom (Premium Version Available For Sale, See the below Link)
  8. Once it downloads and installs wait at least 3 minutes before clicking ok on done or on Yes to Reboot, if you do not get the reboot option then you MUST unplug the power cord from the box, if you do get the Reboot option then simply select yes 3 minutes after the download.
  9. Upon restart your box will be Fully Loaded.  Enjoy!
  10.        If you like our work, please click on the donate button above and send a          donation.  Thank you!

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